A luxury fragrance debut that transports you to the crucial moments of competition in a test of character, skill, and intellect. Collection that links the strategy and brilliance of Chess, with the innovative and hypnotic effects of perfumery.“We are very proud and enthusiastic to partner with Mind Games founders, we are very fortunate to work with people who believed in a brand that could redefine luxury and beauty culture, one that was aspirational yet inclusive” declared CEO and Director An Le and CEO and Creative Director Victoria Pavon. We are proud to share that now open TV produced the whole imagery and campaign with the technological support of CGI, 3D and VFX and the full incorporation of sustainable resources.

Virtual Production is the future of filmmaking process. We use the power of technology to provide virtual location scouts, virtual casting, AR on shoots, virtual sets and environments, virtual characters, product and animation. From pre-production (planning) to production (shooting) and post-production (editing and delivering final assets). We offer new workflows for you that speed up production and focus on creativity and more sustainable process.