now open is a creative studio for all media and digital content, we work with our clients as creative partners to produce successful campaigns that generates industry acclaim and achieve global success while providing a high-end service through relevant aesthetics from traditional visuals to animation, our team specializes in creative content, production for stills, film, moving image, for luxury, lifestyle, advertisement, entertainment industries.



some of our clients include YSL, Chanel, L’Oreal, Balmain, Mariah Carey, Cher, Loewe, Tumi, Epic Records, Sony, Maybelline, Sisley, Pantene, TJMaxx, Lancôme, Bravo, NBC, Mind Games, Saks, Banana Republic, VOGUE, GQ, i-D, V Magazine, Dazed, The Sunday Times, W Magazine.


our services include

full pre – post production, editing, color grade, creative editorial, trailers, TVC, digital media / social content, branding & identity, CGI / 3D / VFX specialists, motion graphics / main title design, 2D/3D animation, sound design / music composition, post-production & finishing, static and motion retouching for beauty and live action, casting from social media influencers to icons and A-list celebrities to street scouting for global advertising, editorial, digital and print strategies, location services scouting, permits, logistics, travel, live action and VFX production from concept, creative and development, post-production, full vfx supervision on set, storyboarding, editorial, finishing, print / key art / ooh posters, tv, streaming, mobile, motion, photoshoot art direction, in-house photography, 3d modeling, texturing, rendering, rigging, proof printing, finishing.


new york | london | paris | los angeles | méxico | barcelona