Special edition project created for @CRfashionBook #CRFashionBookChina featuring the Hollywood legend @MarilynMonroe curated by @CarineRoitfeld. These exclusive covers envision how Marilyn may have looked had her cultural heyday occurred today, with cutting edge 3D & CGI technology. As stated before from the beginning @anlestudio @pavonvic “We know this is a daunting task since Marilyn Monroe is such an iconic and beloved figure. We’re well aware that we could never fully capture her natural beauty and essence 100 percent; but it has always been our wish to have a chance to work with her. And since we don’t know how to build a time machine, this is obviously the next best option for us. Also, it is not so often that you could truly do something that hasn’t been done before in the fashion space”. This project has been a long and meticulous process. From its first conception to the release today, it is about 8 months or so. Our team of talented CGI artists at @nowopentv created Marilyn in 3D based on countess images of her in different angles and facial expressions. Every skin pores and textures were created from scratch. Then, we adapted the 3d face onto each fashion image of our body-double talent. After that, we individually molded the 3d face into specific expression that matches camera angle and lighting set ups of our body-double images; and finally we blended everything together in post production process. We want to thank our dedicated team and everyone who played a part in making this happen. @elliotfoote @Amethyst @weareauthentic @CRfashionBook

Icon: @MarilynMonroe
Project Curator: @carineroitfeld
CR President: @vladimirrestoinroitfeld
Photographer: @anlestudio @nowopentv
NowOpenTV Creative Directors: @pavonvic @anlestudio 
Marilyn Monroe Estate Creative Director: #JimGibb
Executive Production: @nowopentv
3D/CGI/Post-Production: @nowopentv
Project Director: @elliottfoote
Fashion Director: @gaultier_comme_jeanpaul
Makeup: @FulviaFarolfi
Hair: @hairbyOrlandoPita
Colorist: @rachel_bodt
Manicurist: @jinsoonchoi
Set Design: @stocktonhall
Real-World Styling Model: @victoriouskonig
Casting Body Double: @199xcasting

Get your claws into the 1945 soft bag. With plush leather in neon tones and chain details staying true to house codes, the new edition of a classic is here to stay. Discover the entire collection now #BALMAINROUTE1945 Directors An Le & Victoria Pavon 3D, Rigging & CGI by @nowopentv

Alec Monopoly x Rags to Richie Our latest collaboration with pop graffiti artist Alec Monoply @alecmonopoly and his gallery Art Life @artlife .This original 3d animation film acts as the teaser for Alec’s exclusive hand-drawn NFT series titled “Rags to Richie”. Under the creative and direction by An Le @anlestudio and Victoria Pavon @pavonvic at Now Open TV, our team of in-house artists at @nowopentv hand sketched every elements from the 2d animation to 3d creation in the film. We worked closely with Alec Monopoly to make sure we capture the essence of his original characters and design. Rigging, sound effects, editing, and color grade by now open TV.


@nowopentv handle full visual production to bring Balmain’s creative vision to life. Art direction by An Le @anlestudio & Victoria Pavon @pavonvic full post-production @nowopentv 

Let’s start the celebration with the Queen of Christmas Mariah Carey, director An Le & post-production / VFX by now open.

Embrace the amazing sensation of freedom. Discover the Pillow Bag, featured in Balmain’s fall 2021 collection, director an le concept an le + victoria pavon, location mexico city, full production, 3d, cgi, vfx, editing, color by now open.

collaboration with BALMAIN for their accessories campaign, embracing the amazing sensation of freedom, featuring the PILLOW BAG, featured in Balmain’s fall 2021 collection.

now open films presents a film by An Le starring Milla Jovovich in “CERULEAN” original screenplay by Victoria Pavon, full post-production VFX, 3D, CGI, editing and color by now open, custom design by Patti Wilson in collaboration with Christian Cowan, original music composed by Christian Paris, executive producers An Le & Victoria Pavon


victoria beckham

directed by an le starring victoria beckham creative direction, casting and production by victoria pavon editing, post-production, 3D +VFX + CGI and integration now open styling patti wilson make up fulvia farolfi hair orlando pita for vogue mexico

tank design 3D environment by now open

“Nightrider” for YSL Beauty by An Le featuring alluring and model Luz Pavon. Speed into the ultimate extreme pigmented glitter and shimmer sequin crush embodying the brand’s sexy and powerful image through a fast and pulsating soundtrack and striking visuals. We handled full post-production from start to finish including concept, product modeling in 3D, live action integration, VFX, CGI, music, sound design, beauty retouching, color grading, editing.

entering the spaceship in zero gravity project, showcases a spaceship where the bottle is entering in gravity, the idea was to focus on branding and promote coco mademoiselle fragrance, for social media platforms and digital content, we handle all the production process from pre-pro, shooting to post-production music & sound creation, editing, color grading, retouching and visual effects (vfx / cgi).

YSL Rouge Pur Couture

director An Le production, full post-production, concept / CGI/VFX by now open

Hypercurl Maybelline 36H director an le, now open handle all the production process pre-pro, shooting on green screen, 3D city model to post-production, editing, color grading, retouching, packaging, text design, liquid and visual effects (CGI/VFX).


Collaboration, directed by An Le. Our video features the iconic nintendo characters in collaboration with iconic New York cosmetic brand, Maybelline, we handle all the production process from pre-pro, 3D city and product modeling, editing, color grading, retouching and visual effects (3D / vfx / cgi).

Loewe 7 Plata director an le, creative direction by victoria pavon, now open handle all the production process from concept, pre-pro, 3D model to post-production, editing, color grading, retouching, packaging, environment, liquid + ice and visual effects (CGI/VFX).

on this project were involved in the process creating the incredible new product for Maybelline super stay setting powder. Our team created the CGI/3D packaging in chrome finishes, as well the powder in 3 different colors and explosions to bring this new product to life.

Loewe Paula’s Ibiza director an le, creative direction by victoria pavon, now open handle all the production process from concept, pre-pro, 3D model to post-production, editing, color grading, retouching, packaging, environment, liquid and visual effects (CGI/VFX).